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e-Fellows Grant

An eFellows grant of $4000 from EMU's Faculty Development Center and the Provost's Office allowed librarians to purchase electronic versions of some books currently assigned in EMU courses.

Only a small percentage of the books assigned in courses are available for purchase as library e-books. Library e-books can be read online with a my.emich login. Some library e-book titles can be obtained in a version that allows for multiple simultaneous readers, but some are limited to one active reader at a time.

Titles were selected to support courses in all five colleges at EMU. A concerted effort was made to support 100 & 200 level undergraduate courses, but many books also supported upper level undergraduate and graduate level courses.

This experiment offers the opportunity to explore the value of using library e-books as a support to students in obtaining course reading materials.

Library e-books may:
- provide reserve copies available even when the library is closed
- support low income students who find it difficult to obtain required readings
- provide a way to keep up with reading assignments when students are waiting for books ordered online
- help with books that are out-of-print and difficult to obtain
- provide options when the bookstore runs out of copies
- help the library provide access to some important titles that tend to "go missing" from the collection.