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From the Zotero web site: Tips and Tricks


Syncing Zotero with Google Drive (or Dropbox)



Syncing Zotero with Dropbox

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How to Use Zotero with Scrivener (by Catherine Pope)

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I have bibliographies in Microsoft Word documents, PDFs, and other text files. Can I import them into my Zotero library?



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Anystyle.io [Currently not working...try Scholarcy Reference Parser below]

Have you already written (or come across) a paper with a formatted bibiography whose references you now would like to add to your Zotero database?

Try the free web site http://anystyle.io/

While not perfect, you might find that it gets the bulk of the bibliogrpahy into Zotero without you having to input individual items.

From the Anystyle.io online documentation:

  1. Parse

    To get started, simply paste your list of citation references into the textarea above. AnyStyle processes one reference per line so please make sure each reference starts on a new line and remove any superfluous line breaks. Empty lines are fine, though, the parser will just skip them.

    When you're ready, hit the parse button!

  2. Edit

    AnyStyle splits your citation references into segments (author, title etc.) based on machine learning heuristics. These segments will be displayed in the token editor above. Please review each segment to make sure the results are correct; in case the parser got something wrong just select individual tokens like you would select text in your favourite text editor and click on the 'Assign label' button to assign the correct label to your selection.

    Pro tip: use Shift and Ctrl/Command to make multiple selections or double-click to select an entire segment at once.

  3. Save
    Select BibTeX

In Zotero:

  1. Click the Actions Icon and select Import

  2. Navigate to and select the file that you saved from anystyle.io

  3. A new Zotero collection/folder will be created with the items from the bibliography in the folder. You can review the results, edit/correct any inaccuracies, and then move the records to the Zotero collection(s) you want them to reside in.

Scholarcy Reference Parser

Have you already written (or come across) a paper with a formatted bibiography whose references you now would like to add to your Zotero database?

Try the free web site:

1. Copy and paste references (one record per line) into the top text box

2. Click the Convert button

3. Copy the text in the BibTeX box into your computer's memory

4. In Zotero, a) highlight the collection you want to put the references in; b) on the top menu click  File  ; c) click  Import from Clipboard

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