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Video Tutorials - Windows

Brief Zotero Video Tutorials via YouTube

  • Zotero 1. Introductory Notes (3:52)
    Introductory remarks about the Zotero reference manager software
  • Zotero 2. Downloading Plugin for Firefox and Requesting a Free Zotero Account (1:11)
    Demonstration of how to download and install the Zotero plugin for Firefox and register for a free Zotero account
  • Zotero 3. Setting Preferences (5:51)
    Demonstration of how to configure Zotero for effective use
  • Zotero 4. Adding a Book (5:55)
    Demonstration of how to add to Zotero book information from the Eastern Michigan University Library catalog
  • Zotero 5. Adding an Article (5:01)
    Demonstration of how to add to Zotero article information from a database (PsycINFO)
  • Zotero 6. Creating a Bibliography (3:11)
    Demonstration of how to create a standalone bibliography and also how to use the Microsoft Word plugin to write a paper with in-text citations and a post-text bibliography

Here is a link to a playlist on YouTube. Click the "Play all" button toward the top, left of the screen to sequentially play through all 6 videos:


Video Tutorials - Mac

An Introduction to the Zotero  Plug-in for Mac Microsoft Word
(By Librarian Bill Marino)

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