LibX @ EMU Library

Direct Search

When you click the LibX icon in the browser, a menu opens allowing you directly search:

  • EMU Catalog
  • EMU Esearch database
  • EMU Journals by Title
  • Google Scholar

Right-click Context Menu

If you highlight text you want to search on a web page, clicking the right mouse button brings up a context menu that includes, among other things, a number of search choices. 

For example, I am looking over a list of the American Library Association's top ten most frequently challenged books of 2011 and I see a title called What My Mother Doesn't Know. To use LibX to check whether the EMU library owns the book, I highlight the title, click the right mouse button, and select Search EMU Library Catalog for Keyword "What My Mother Doesn't Know".

Searching EMU's Esearch database, by selecting the second item on the LibX menu Search EMU Esearch for Keyword "What My Mother Doesn't Know",

brings up an Esearch result page that not only brings up a listing for the book in our catalog, but also links to a number of reviews of the book:

In both Firefox and Google Scholar, if you come across a citation to an article you can often hightlight it, right click, and then select on the LibX menu Search Google Scholar for ... (the text you highlighted):

In Google Scholar you will quite frequently find a link to the full text of the article via the EMU Library's FindText+ service.

Drag and Drop Google Scholar Search (Firefox Only)

In Firefox only, if you highlight an article or book citation on a web page, then hold down the left mouse button and drag the citation over the LibX icon at the top of your browser window, a Google Scholar search will be run using the citation information. Google Scholar will then indicate if the EMU Library has access to the item, and if it is online, you will be able to link to it. You can often use this feature from inside a PDF.

If you are off campus, you'll need to set your Google Scholar preferences for "Library Links" to include "Eastern Michigan University".  To activate this link in the Firefox profile in which LibX is installed:

  • Go to the Google Scholar Settings Page.
  • Click Library Links
  • Type   Eastern Michigan University     and click the search button
  • Click the  Save   button


Embedded Cues

LibX places the EMU Library icon, , in pages from a number of web sites. For instance, book pages at Amazon and Barnes & Noble will contain cues that link to the EMU Library catalog. Whenever you see the cue, click on the link to see if the Library has the item.



LibX recognizes ISSNs, ISBNs, PubMed IDs and DOIs and turns them into autolinks that you may use to search EMU’s collection for specific books, journals and articles.


Reload Web Pages via EMU EZProxy

If you are off-campus and did not login to an EMU subscription web site by connecting via the EMU library database page, you can use the LibX right-click menu to reload the page via EMU's EZProxy without going back to the library web site database menu. You will be asked to authenticate with your My.Emich username and password. It will appear as though you are coming from an on-campus computer.

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