Eastern Michigan University Archives

A guide to the collections and resources available through the University Archives at EMU.

Special Collections at the University Archives

The University Archives is home to several special collections of non-university related materials that includes the Gordy Motown audio collection; the Historic Preservation Special Collection, a group of manuscript and monograph materials that strives to document the evolution of the preservation movement at the local, state and national levels; the NCPEA (National Council of Professors of Educational Administration); the Thomas A. Fleming Collection which preserves and promotes research on the challenges and achievements of African-Americans, with a primary emphasis on African American history, literature, and black theology; the Bert G. Hornback book collection, a collection of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction from Hornback's personal collection and the Annabelle Sumera manuscript collection, a small sample of Sumera's poetry and children's literature.

The archive also collects and makes available copies of faculty publications, theses, and dissertations.



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