This guide is primarily designed for Geo 445/545


Why are we here?  

ok, no deep philosophy, but in practical terms, here's why you have been provided with this guide:

This guide mostly for students taking GEOG 445 - Cultural Tourism.

You've probably mastered the basic steps of library research in earlier classes (congrats!), and now you're moving in to new territory...(drum roll) which we develop advanced research skills.  These skills will benefit you in academic or professional careers, and through them you'll gain confidence and fluency in professional communication and problem-solving.

So, what questions does this guide address?

We'll address the following stages of advanced research and writing:
(oh, and if you need a refresher on basic skills, don't worry - there will be some links to the basic info too)

  • Pre-research exploration, topic development and discovery (using academic reference works and citations to identify themes)
  • Solving roadblocks in searching and citation tracking
  • Identifying and evaluating scholarly articles in Cultural Tourism
  • Applying these advanced skills in academic and professional settings

and, how should I use this guide?

You'll want to glance over the whole thing so you know what's covered, and after that you'll find that you'll want to bookmark the guide and come back to it at each stage of your research.  Some of the skills addressed here take repeated practice, so get used to the idea of going over the information two or more times until you feel confident that you could explain it to someone else on your own.

The Research Process

Research and problem-solving skills are core competencies for almost any profession.  Beginning students learn basic "look-up" type searching, but soon it is time to move on to more advanced inquiry.  Here are some sites that discuss developing and applying research or information skills.

Ace the Assignment

Success tip:  don’t just read the assignment, analyze it!

Professors expect students to follow directions carefully, but what do they actually mean by those directions? Figure out what an assignment is really asking, and you have the key to a successful paper.

Subject Guide

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