History of Africa

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1). Make sure you are at the catalog's "Advanced Search" screen.

(From the Library homepage, click on the "Books" tab, and then the "Find Books and More in the Library Catalog" link. A tab for "Advanced Search will be available.)

2). Combine up to three words or terms that describe your topic. Make sure each term or phrase is in a separate box. Examples: 

Colonialism   Slavery  “West African savanna”  “Bambatha Rebellion” “Cape Colony”  Congo  Nationalism  Yoruba “British South Africa Company”

3). Keep the type of search "Keyword" in each line.

4). Click the search button.

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Browsing Books in the Library

To browse print books on the history of Africa, focus on the following call numbers on the 3rd level:

  • DT - Africa
  • DT 43-154 - Egypt
  • DT 154.1-159.9 - Sudan
  • DT 160-346 - Northern Africa
  • DT 348-363.3 - Central Sub-Saharan Africa
  • DT 365-469 - Eastern Africa
  • DT 470-671 - West Africa
  • DT 1001-3415 - Southern Africa

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