Stable Links for Library Resources

How to create stable links for online articles and books.

General Instructions

To link to an article from a library database or online journal subscription, follow these general guidelines:

  1. Don't copy the link from the browser navigation bar - this is unlikely to be a stable URL.
  2. Look for a stable link - often labeled Copy link, Stable link, Permalink, Bookmark or something similar.
  3. Add the EMU proxy if needed:
    • Check to see if the link includes the EMU proxy prefix:
    • If not, use the EMU Proxy Link Generator to add the proxy to the beginning of the link, for example:
See directions for particular databases below.  More database instructions will be added soon.


Ebsco databases, including:

  • EbscoHost ebooks
  • GreenFile

Link to a document:

Look for: Permalink - Tools (right side)
Need to add EMU proxy: No


Gale databases, including:

  • Gale Power Search

  • Gale Virtual Reference Library

Link to an article or search results:

Look for: Bookmark, to the right of the search area
Need to add EMU proxy: Yes, go to the EMU Proxy Link Generator


Link to a document

Look for:  Stable URL
Need to add EMU proxy: Yes, go to the EMU Proxy Link Generator


ProQuest databases, including:

  • ABI/Inform
  • Criminal Justice Periodicals
  • Dissertations & Theses Full Text
  • ERIC
  • Entrepreneurship
  • GenderWatch
  • ProQuest PowerSearch

Link to a document:

  • Go to the Abstract format
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen
  • Copy the Document URL 
  • Need to add EMU proxy: No