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PsycINFO Search Demonstration (PSY 103): PsycINFO Search Demonstration

PsycINFO Search Demonstration

The following 8 videos on YouTube offer a brief introduction to the American Psychological Association's PsycINFO database, including what is in it, how to connect to it, how to search, and how to determine the availability of articles on the result list.

PSY 103 Using PsycINFO - 1. What is PsycINFO? (0:38)

PSY 103 Using PsycINFO - 2. Connect to PsycINFO (0:44)

PSY 103 Using PsycINFO - 3. Example Search (1:50)

PSY 103 Using PsycINFO - 4. Search Demo Part 1 (1:14)

PSY 103 Using PsycINFO - 5. Search Language (2:46)

PSY 103 Using PsycINFO - 6. Search Demo Part 2 (2:47)

PSY 103 Using PsycINFO - 7. Acquiring Articles (0:47)

PSY 103 Using PsycINFO - 8. Acquiring Articles Demo (3:13)


Here is a link to a playlist on YouTube. Click the "Play all" button toward the top, left of the screen to sequentially play through all 8 videos:


If you have questions or would like assistance with your information search, please do not hesitate to contact me using the information to the right.

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