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Zotero - Collect, Organize, Cite, and Share References

Introducing Zotero

Zotero, is a no-cost bibliographic management tool that runs on the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Zotero can: 1) organize references in multiple folders; 2) store references and files on Zotero's web site; 3) format in-text citations and post-text references according to many bibliographic styles; 4) display references on a public web page; and 5) import metadata from library subscription databases and public web sites. 


Setting up a free Zotero account gives you:


1.  unlimited storage space on Zotero’s servers for your metadata (information about your sources, e.g., author, title,   publisher, etc., including your text notes);

2.  up to 300 MB of storage on Zotero’s servers for PDF and image files. You can purchase more file storage space--$20/year for 2 GB, $60/year for 6 GB, $120/year for unlimited.


You can choose to just store your source metadata on the Zotero servers and NOT store any files there.


On any computer where you install desktop Zotero, you can configure Zotero to sync your desktop data (and files, if you choose) with the content stored on Zotero’s servers.

Downloading and installing Zotero for Firefox
Downloading and installing Zotero Standalone
(Works with Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Also requires you to download/install Zotero Connector plugins for Chrome, Safari, and Opera)

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Mastering Zotero: A User Guide for the Zotero Reference Manager (Sebastian Karcher and Rintze M. Zelle)

Mastering Zotero will be a comprehensive user guide for the Zotero reference manager. Writing has just started, and entries on many topics still need to be written.

Understanding Zotero​ 

Zotero Guides from Other Libraries:​ Harvard University Library Oregon State University (Hannah Rempel) Washington State University Libraries Georgia State University (Jason Puckett)

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