Scholarly Communication

Scholarly communication is the process by which scholarly work is created, evaluated, shared, preserved, and organized. This guide provides information and resources about current issues in scholarly communication.

Journal Inflation

The "serials crisis" - the rapidly increasing cost of subscription journals far outpacing the rate of inflation and library budgets - has generated interest by the library community and others in investigating new publication models and sustainable publishing practices that serve the needs of researchers at all levels without sacrificing quality.

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From Rice University. (The journal prices cited are from Rice University).

Annual subscription prices for many of the library's journals can be quite substantial. Here we compare them to items you might consider purchasing yourself...



Project Muse Complete $22,140

2009 Honda Accord Coupe $22,401 starting price (Honda Website, 6/23/2009)

Image: Rennet Stowe (Flickr, Creative Commons, / CC BY 2.0)



American Chemical Society journal package online 2009, $53,368

2009 Jaguar XF $52,000 starting price (Jaguar Website, 6/23/2009)

Image: Juicystyle (Flickr, Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


To see more price comparisons, visit Rice University's "Journal Inflation" page.