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About the NCPEA collection

Established in 1947, the National Council of Professors of Educational Administration (NCPEA) was developed out of the desire of 56 men interested in teaching the practice of educational administration. They had sensed an increasing responsibility as university faculty to join together and develop their professional obligations in preparing educational leaders for America’s public schools. The first ten-day meeting was held in August, 1947, made possible by a grant for $3,500 from the General Education Board for consultant service, secretarial help, and publication of the official meeting report. Out of these actions the NCPEA was conceived.

Each year, the NCPEA meets on a different college campus across the United States and Canada. The organization is dedicated to fluidity and flexibility in its deliberations and operation with efforts dedicated to a general acceptance of the significance of educational administrative leadership in our national culture. Today, the not-for-profit organizations activities revolve around the August conference, which include publications, in-service education for professors. As well as continues to provide outstanding educational practices and works to create improved practice and ethical administration wherever schools, colleges, and communities engage in education.

After the first conference, the wives and children were invited to attend the conference in 1948, making it a family affair. Women introduced themselves as the WEAPS, Wives of the Educational Administration Professors, TEAPS, Teens of the Educational Administration Professors, and the children were known as the ChEAPS, Children of the Educational Administration Professors. While the husbands attended conference meetings and lectures, family members utilized their time for the purpose of vacation, partaking in various activities in and around the community of the university where the conference was being held. Past activities included hiking, deep sea fishing, theater, as well as visits to museums, libraries, and historical sites. By 1951, the WEAPS had begun to compile scrapbooks, which contained pictures, news of the places and persons of interest as a reminder of the association.

The organizational activities of the NCPEA are documented in administrative files which include correspondence, executive reports, financial documents, meeting minutes, conference materials, publications, and visual materials pertaining to the educational activities from the organizations inception in 1947 through 2010; also in the collection are the group photographs taken at the annual meeting, and scrapbooks compiled by the WEAPS dating from 1951-1998. This is a comprehensive, although not complete, documentation of the organization.