WGST 200 - Introduction to Women's Studies - Kilbourn

Finding Articles Using Esearch

Searching Within a Specific Journal

Many of the journals in the list on your syllabus will be available through Gender Watch or Google Scholar.  Links to these are included below.

If you would like to search within a specific title from the list, you can do so by searching in the box below to identify which databases index the title that interests you.

Find Journals by Title

Find Journals & Other Periodicals by Title

Search here for journal, magazine or newspaper titles. If you're looking for articles on a topic, use the databases.

Examples: Newsweek, Journal of Educational Psychology.

Multisubject Databases

Gender and Sexuality Databases

Other Specialized Databases

Many of the items in these databases will be scholarly articles.  Take a look at Reading Citations if you're not sure how to tell the difference between articles, book chapters, and other information sources.

Subject Guide

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