PLSC 350

Seminar in Political Science - Writing Intensive

Self-Check Quiz #1

A good starting place to get definitions and overviews of a controversial topic is:
general google searches: 35 votes (52.24%)
peer-reviewed sources: 23 votes (34.33%)
reference books like SAGE Knowledge E-books: 5 votes (7.46%)
Wikipedia: 4 votes (5.97%)
Total Votes: 67

Self-Check Quiz #2

Journal articles are written by journalists
True: 2 votes (2.74%)
False: 71 votes (97.26%)
Total Votes: 73

Self-Check Quiz #3

The best way to get an idea of the position or bias in a website is
read the "about us" section: 49 votes (45.79%)
check if it links to academic or scholarly sources: 10 votes (9.35%)
google the authors or organization to see how other sources characterize them: 48 votes (44.86%)
Total Votes: 107