CHL 455 - Dr. Amanda Allen - Fall 2020

Introduction to Research Help for CHL 455

Writing Project Source Requirements

The following is pasted from your assignment: 

Minimum secondary source requirement: 

  • three peer-reviewed secondary sources (can be book-length texts or articles)

A note on sources:

  • In this class, primary sources are the books that we have read in class (ie: Seventeenth Summer). You should include these texts in your Works Cited, but they DO NOT count toward the minimum secondary source requirement. You should use no more than two primary sources (maximum). Using one primary source is also fine.

  • Secondary sources are texts that analyze and interpret primary source material in some way. They may be texts of criticism (ie: a book about Seventeenth Summer), they may be texts about history, they may be texts that analyze statistics, etc.

  • All secondary sources should be PEER REVIEWED.

What is Peer Review?

This is a very short video that explains the concept of peer review. It was created by librarians at Loyola Marymount University, so at the end of the video there is mention of their library services--you can ignore this part! 

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