EDPS 322

Group Diversity Project Database Search Strategy

EDPS 322 Search Challenge

The EDPS 322 group diversity project presents a search challenge. Find materials that meet the following 7 conditions at the same time:

  One social variable:

Bilingual / Bicultural
Race / Ethnicity
Sexual Orientation
Socioeconomic Status
AND Academic achievement /
Classroom experience
AND Students in USA
AND Journal articles
AND Published in last 5 years
AND Research-based articles
AND Grades K-12

Two databases ERIC & PsycINFO allow you to search for articles that are more likely to meet all of the criteria. ERIC is a key source for articles on education topics. PsycINFO is a key source for psychology research.

The numbered menu (1-7) at the left of this page shows you step-by-step how to use advanced database features to do your search.

Most of you will find more than enough articles using ERIC. If you want to find more articles, you can continue by searching PsycINFO.

If you haven't had a workshop on searching library databases, (or even if you have had a workshop) you might want to first watch the ERIC Basics online video below. - It will really help!  

If you have trouble finding full text of an article, try the step-by-step tips in the Finding Full Text Articles handout (lower left of this page).

It's also OK to ask librarians for help - see the Help! box below the videos.

How to Search ERIC - Learn in just 3 minutes!
(then follow steps 1-7 in this guide)

Scholarly v. Popular

If you are looking at a research article or an empirical article, the article will most likely also have a Methods or Methodology section.


The Research Help page explains multiple ways you can get help from librarians and library staff, including online chat options you can use from home.  Don't hesitate to ask for help - we enjoy helping students!

If you use the online chat feature, you may get a librarian from another university who isn't familiar with this assignment. Send them the message below and give them some time to review these instructions (be patient, and expect to chat back and forth with the librarian - it's unlikely you will just get a quick answer).

Message for online chat librarians:
"My librarian said to send this message if I ask for online help: This is a complicated research assignment. EMU librarians have worked out a step-by-step advanced search for students in this class, which you'll find at https://guides.emich.edu/edps322 -- please take a few minutes to review the seven search steps before helping students with this assignment"

PSST! ....

Did you know about the online practice tests for the MTTC?

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