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This searches the sites in the Open Access Textbook Collections box and the Single Textbooks box. Collections that must be searched separately are linked in a separate box on this page. You'll need to skip ads at the beginning (powered by free Google Custom search).

Open Access Textbook Collections

Your subject librarian may be able to help you find open access texts beyond those found in these collections.

Open Access Text Collections not included in Custom Search

A few collections either weren't technically possible to add to the custom search box, or were best left out of the search for practical reasons. You can search those individually using the links below.

Single Textbooks

Textbooks published online by professor authors, independently or via digital commons (university library repositories).

Other Ways to Search for Open Access Books

Modifying Open Texts

Some open textbooks offer you the right to create a version of the text that will work better for your classes. This short guide provides practical information and tips on modifying open texts.

Might you author an open text?

You may be able to join a collaborative project described on this guide. The EMU Library also has a publishing platform that could be used to publish an open access book.

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