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Publication Icon Location in Firefox Plugin Zotero

In the Firefox plugin version of Zotero, the publication icons now appear by default to the right of the address window, as part of the Zotero 'Z' button.

In the standalone Google Chrome version of Zotero, the publication icons are still located in the browser address window, as they used to be in Firefox (as illustrated in the 'older' Firefox images in the box below this one.)

Icons in the Browser Address Window

Add Book Reference to Zotero - Book Icon

Add Article Reference to Zotero - Article Icon

Select Multiple References on a Single Page - Folder Icon

Add Video Reference to Zotero - Video Icon

Create New Item from Current Page - Zotero Icon/Right Click Menu

If a web page does NOT have a Zotero icon in the browser address bar, you can add reference information about the page to Zotero by either:

  • Clicking the 'Create New Item from Current Page' icon in Zotero
  • Use the right-click menu in the browser to select Zotero-Create New Item from Current Page

Add Items by ISBN, DOI, or PMID

Drag PDF Into Zotero & Right-Click PDF to Add Metadata

Drag a PDF file into the Zotero middle column you can have Zotero try to retrieve citation data for the item from Google Scholar or CrossRef by right-clicking on the PDF file and choosing from the menu Retrieve Metadata for PDF

Manually Add Items to Zotero

Importing Other Citation Manager File Types

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