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What is this?

The Eastern Michigan University Library subscribes to a number of educational science videos through JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments). The videos have all been peer reviewed and cover introductory concepts, basic lab methods, clinical skills, and experimental techniques. 

Unfortunately, the JoVE website can be confusing and it is hard to tell what we can and cannot access, so the EMU librarians have created a custom search and this listing of available videos. Use the search box above or click on the subjects listed on the left to see the videos we have access to in each area. 

A number of additional videos are available open access through JoVE. To search for additional videos, go directly to the JoVE site at:


How to Browse More Videos

We have access to more videos than those listed on this Research Guide. To locate some of these videos: 

  1. Visit the JoVE database page and do an Advanced Search 
  2. Enter a word for the topic you are interested in (it works best to keep these terms as general as possible)
  3. Use the "and" boolean and enter the words "Open Access"
  4. Click Search
  5. What you see won't all be open access, but it will greatly narrow it down


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