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Searching for Primary Sources Online

The number of sites with primary sources is always growing. Google has search features that allow you to find relevant items.

Below is a search for primary sources on witches and witchcraft.

Key points to remember:

  • Use words and phrases that are commonly used for primary sources: correspondence, diaries, documents, letters, narratives, papers, primary sources, sources, and speeches. A librarian can help with generating these search terms.
  • Use quotation marks (" ") to search for phrases (exact words in an exact order).
  • Combine synonyms or similar terms with parentheses.
  • Use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard to find alternate word endings.
  • Exclude words with a hyphen (-). Think of it as subtracting a term from your search. (For example, witch* -Salem)
  • Use OR to search for either term (yes, it has to be in caps).
  • Use AND to retrieve results with with both words (again, all caps).
  • Limit your results to a specific domain:  (.edu and .org are domains that tend to have many primary sources)

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