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Finding Articles

Research Articles

Scientific research builds upon the work of others. Scientists share the methods, results, and conclusions of their research projects through research articles. Most research articles are considered scholarly and undergo the peer-review process. Through the peer-review process, experts in the field evaluate the reliability of the articles prior to publication. Research articles that have not undergone peer-review might not be reliable. 

Review Articles

Review articles are another commonly used type of scientific literature. Authors of review articles read current research articles written by other authors then summarize or evaluate the information. Review articles often also undergo the peer-review process. 

Scholarly Databases

Databases contain collections of articles. They can be searched by topic, title, author, or date to find articles that are relevant to your research. Many databases contain only peer-reviewed articles, or allow you to filter to only view peer-reviewed articles. Though many articles will be listed in more than one database, each database contains a different group of articles. Read the summaries of biological databases below, then select the database title to search for articles. 

General Science

General Biology

Botany, Ecology & Field Biology

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