First Year Writing Instructor Guide

Reliability of Sources Tutorial

Reliability of sources tutorial screenshotReliability of Sources discusses what makes information reliable and explores one model for evaluating reliability (CRAAP). You'll learn to point out and apply criteria that can be used to judge the reliability of information.

Evaluating News Tutorial

Evaluating News screenshotEvaluating News Sources This interactive lesson explores news sources - particularly, strategies that you can use to evaluate them. Consider these questions: What qualifies as news? Is all content published by a news agency really news? How does geography influence news coverage? What strategies should I use when evaluating news?


Evaluating Websites--Workshop Files

This is the powerpoint and two handouts that I use sometimes with classes There are lots of cute little acronyms for remembering the criteria for evaluating a source, but my favorite is the CRAAP test, because it's an easy acronym to remember! The boxes below contain the various websites I use, along with worksheets and a presentation file. 

Websites for Evaluation Activity--Depression

These are links to the two websites that are used in the evaluating websites activity. 

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