Children's & Young Adult Literature

Resources for children's literature and young adult literature research, and tips for using the children's literature collection.

Finding Articles

The tools on this page will lead you to places where you can find articles that contain scholarly criticism. However, sometimes they will also lead you to book reviews.

Scholarly criticism and book reviews are two separate things. Scholarly criticism explains or analyzes a work (i.e., What does it mean? What techniques did the author use? What other authors influenced him/her?). 

Book reviews describe and evaluate a work (i.e., what is this book about? Is it any good? Should I buy it?) They can help you decide if a text is useful to you, but the reviews themselves are not typically sources that you'd cite in a research paper. 

Find Articles Using Esearch

A quick search of most of the library’s books, articles, ebooks, dissertations, videos, music, and more.

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Children's Literature--Major Journals

This is a list of the major academic journals in the field of children's literature. The links below will take you to a screen where you can determine which volumes we have of each journal online. Clicking on the "Journal" links next to the date range that you need will take you to a database or page where you can search by keyword within that journal.

Article Databases for Scholarly Research

Find Journals by Title

Find Journals & Other Periodicals by Title

Search here for journal, magazine or newspaper titles. If you're looking for articles on a topic, use the databases.

Examples: Newsweek, Journal of Educational Psychology.

Find Full Text Articles

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No direct link to full text in the database? Click on the EMU Findtext+ link or button.

Getting full-text articles has detailed instructions.

Getting full-text articles

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