Political Science


About This Guide

Journal Articles & Databases - Use the databases listed to find journal articles and other published materials. Also includes information about interlibrary loan.

Books & Ebooks – This page includes a quick search for books and ebooks,  a list of ebook collections, and  options to borrow books at other libraries.

Course Materials - See a list of ebooks assigned to courses with the PLSC prefix.

Multimedia, Videos, & Images – Use Esearch to see if the EMU Library has multimedia on a topic. This page also has a list of EMU Library video databases.

Grey Literature & Think Tanks – Find lists of think thanks and research centers as well as web sites and search engines that find policy papers, white papers, reports, and other forms of grey literature.

Government Information – Link to a guide with links to federal government, state governments, and local government sites. Also included are links to country information and international organizations.

Statistics – Links to a guide with many statistics sources arranged by topic alphabetically.

Public Opinion Polls – Jumps to the guide that lists EMU Library databases as well as websites that provide polling data.

Legal Sources – Jump to the Legal reference sources guide that describes how to locate court cases, codes, law reviews, and more.

News & Current Events – Takes you to the guide listing major news sources and Michigan new sources

Citation Help – Find help creating citations in the APA style.

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