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Even with such search tools as Google, there is no universal search tool that allows you to enter a search and bring back a result list that includes all the books, magazine articles, scholarly articles, newspaper articles, government publications, and dissertations on your topic.

There are MANY search tools. Some search tools simply point you to content. Others actually contain or own the content.

  • For example, Google points you to results, but often you'll run across a paywall because the owner isn't offering the contents for free. 
  • In contrast, database companies like JSTOR or ProQuest to which the EMU Library has paid $$, contain content free only to people with an EMU ID.
  •  For each channel of communication you want to explore, there are multiple databases

Alternatively, the Library's Esearch tool functions a little like Google:  it searches most of the different EMU databases and provides all the results in one list.

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Best Bet Databases for Aging Studies

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