IB 210 - Fundamentals of Global Business

Test your knowledge

Why can governments or IGO's be especially useful sources for statistical info?

Test your knowledge
Governments may have the resources to do expensive statistical gathering with large samples.: 1 votes (12.5%)
Governments can require that individuals and businesses submit information.: 1 votes (12.5%)
Governments often use professional statisticians and publish the methodology used.: 0 votes (0%)
Government statistcs are often free on the web.: 0 votes (0%)
All of the above.: 6 votes (75%)
Total Votes: 8

Test your knowledge 2

Which of these is an especially useful periodical for international business news?

Test your knowledge 2
Global Business Today: 1 votes (20%)
The Economist: 4 votes (80%)
Exporter's News: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 5

Test your knowledge 3

Why use EMU Library databases?

Test your knowledge 3
The databases have premium info that often isn't free on the web.: 3 votes (100%)
Easier to use than Google.: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 3

Test your knowledge 4

Sometimes you get too many articles from a search. What can you do to get a smaller number of more useful articles?

Test your knowledge 4
Try adding more keywords with AND: 0 votes (0%)
Try limiting by date to more recent articles: 0 votes (0%)
In some databases, use a feature to rank articles by relevancy.: 0 votes (0%)
Ask a librarian for advice on your search: 0 votes (0%)
Any of the above: 3 votes (100%)
Total Votes: 3

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