NURS 640 - Research for Evidence Based Nursing

In-Class Quiz Question #1

One difference between a narrative review article and a systematic review article is:

Question #1
the elimination of overall selection bias: 127 votes (46.01%)
the manipulation of the statistical data sets: 80 votes (28.99%)
the groups are randomly allocated into either a control or experimental group: 69 votes (25%)
Total Votes: 276

In-Class Quiz Question #2

True or False - In the evidence-based practice process, the most important component of the literature research process is: 

Question #2
locating a systematic review.: 33 votes (14.41%)
finding popular material on the topic.: 14 votes (6.11%)
locating the best evidence for the specific research question.: 182 votes (79.48%)
Total Votes: 229

In-Class Quiz Questions #3

True or False - All medical research is of very high quality material and can be relied upon to be  authoritative. 

Question #3
True: 39 votes (17.97%)
False: 178 votes (82.03%)
Total Votes: 217