MGMT 495/550 - International Management

Research Advice

Hello MGMT 495/550 students,

This guide provides resources to help you research cultural aspects of management related to specific countries.

Resources on this page can be used to find articles or ebook chapters that discuss specific management issues in a country or region. The short online videos on this page may help you save time in using ABI/INFORM or GoogleScholar.

The green "button" for Intl Business Culture to the right leads to a page with good general resources for researching the culture of a specific country.

Useful Databases

Some Relevant Journals

Note: This list is not comprehensive. Many articles on cross-cultural management topics will also appear in journals devoted to management and organizational behavior generally--many of which can be found using ABI/INFORM and GoogleScholar.

Using ProQuest PowerSearch

Using Google Scholar

Note: The Advanced Search mentioned in this video can now be found in a menu you can access using the icon in the top left corner that looks like 3 bars.

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