MGMT 384 - Human Resource Management

Where to look for articles on your topics

The following EMU Library databases may be helpful for your group projects.

To find news articles for your topic, use Business Scholarly & Trade (formerly ABI/INFORM) or Factiva.
To find journal articles with academic research on your topic, use Business Scholarly & Trade (formerly ABI/INFORM) or Google Scholar.

To get the full text of an article in Business Scholarly & Trade (formerly ABI/INFORM), you may need to use the green Findtext+ button. The short online video below explains how that works. There are similar links in Google Scholar (if you are signed in using your emich account and using the Library link to Google Scholar).

The Conference Board has useful reports for a few of the topics, please see box at lower right for links to some specific reports, or try the new full-text search for keyword searching.

Classification Codes in ABI/INFORM

Classification codes are a way of categorizing articles in Business Scholarly & Trade (formerly ABI/INFORM). It can be useful to do a search that combines a classification code (or codes) with keywords or subject terms. You can do this most easily in the Advanced Search mode. Just look for the box for Classification Code.

Codes for HR Issues:
6000 HR Management
6100 HR Planning
6200 Training & Development
6300 Labor Relations
6400 Employee Benefits & Compensation
6500 Employee Problems

nurses AND CC(6300)
This would find articles with the keyword nurses that were also tagged as related to Labor Relations issues.

Conference Board Reports

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