Searching the University Archives

This guide will give you a basic look at searching within the collections from the University Archives here at EMU.

Gaining access to collections

The University Archives will make its holdings accessible to the University community and to other researchers. To this end the Archives, within the limitations of staff and other responsibilities, will:

  • provide reference service during established office hours;
  • answer inquiries for specific information of materials;
  • assist researchers by retrieving materials and assisting in their interpretation when necessary;
  • provide copies of material within the parameters of U. S. copyright law.

In order to protect the physical integrity of the Archives holdings, and to gather information about the breadth and depth of research use, researchers will be required to register and will be permitted to examine materials only in the Archives under the supervision of designated staff. The registration will include a formal commitment to abide by standard archival policies, and will request information about the researcher’s institutional affiliation and research purpose.

  • Some material in the Archives may be closed for research for a fixed term. These records include those covered by the U. S. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act as Amended (1982) and by other federal and state statutes; by the University policy governing student records; by decision of the office of origin or donor. Further, U. S. copyright law imposes certain restrictions on the duplication and use of some materials.
  • The University Archivist reserves the right to deny access to otherwise unrestricted material due to the fragile and/or valuable nature of the documents.

All archival materials used for research papers, reports, publications, exhibitions, and film, video or other media presentations must be properly cited and credited to the Eastern Michigan University Archives.

Please cite materials from the University Archives in the following manner: Item. Collection Title. Eastern Michigan University Archives.

It is important that you refer to your selected or assigned citation manual for specific citation requirements for primary source materials. 

There is a self-service photocopier available for researchers to make facsimiles of materials. The cost for photocopying is $0.10/copy. We are unable to accept copycards. 

If you are unable to travel to campus but wish to have materials copied, the cost is $0.50/copy.

The University Archives is equipped to scan materials for patrons. If you are interested in learning more about these services and their associated costs, please contact the archives via phone 734-487-2673 or email

Written permission must be obtained before using materials found in the Eastern Michigan University Archives for personal publication or display. 

The researcher assumes full responsibility for the use of the material and for conformity to the laws of defamation, privacy and copyright, and shall indemnify and hold harmless the University and the Archives from claims arising as a result of the use of material so obtained.

If a donor has retained copyright, literary or otherwise, the researcher is responsible for obtaining their permission before publication.