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Research Assignment Search Strategy - Opposing ViewPoints in Context

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Go to the EMU Library home page:

Click the box saying DATABASES

Click the letter     O

Click on     Opposing ViewPoints in Context

Entering Search Terms

  1. Click the Advanced icon following the search box



  1. In the search box on the first line, type, with the asterisks:
    technolog* or automation or robot*
  2. In the search box on the second line type, with the asterisks:
    career* or employment or unemployment or occupation*
    At the end of the second line, change the drop down menu to Keyword

Entering Publication Date

  1. Below the line beginning    Publication date     click the radio button preceding: After
    In the Year box, change the drop down menu to 2010

Click the    Search     button



Click the    Search     button

Note that on the Results page the results are organized by type of publication, e.g., Viewpoints, Academic Journals, Audio, News, etc. The main body of the Results page shows 3 items under each type of publication. To see all of the results for a publication type, click on the publication type name, e.g., Viewpoints. On the right side of the screen, under Everything, you see an index to all the publication types and how many items are in each. 


Assignment Handout - Opposing ViewPoints in Context [Click image to open in new window]