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Search Tips for ProQuest PowerSearch

Search Terms

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To broadly cover the domain of 'performance' you might tie together the following words/phrases:

drama* or theat* or "perform* art*"

Include the asterisk (*) following 'drama' searches for all words with that common root, e.g., drama, dramas, dramatic, dramatist

Include the  quotes (") for searching for multi-word phrases, e.g., "perform* art*". In this example, by using the embedded asterisks, the phrases "performing arts" as well as "performance art" will be found.

Include the word or between synonymous words/phrases to search for multiple synonymous terms.


Location of Search Terms in Database Item Records

By default, words entered into ProQuest PowerSearch are searched in each database item record Anywhere except full text--NOFT

You can focus/narrow your search results by changing the drop-down menu at the end of a search line to All subjects & indexing--SU. [Note that this will work only if the words/phrases in the search line are actually subject or index terms used in the database(s) you are searching.]


Publication Date Range

You can limit the search results to materials published within a specific date range. Look for a line beginning 'Publication date' and change the drop down menu. For example, to display results published from 2000 to date, you might change the drop down menu to After this date and then type '1999' in the box saying 'yyyy'.


Theater for the Young Search Terms

There are many ways authors might describe the concept of 'theater for the young', e.g., "theatre for the young", "drama for the young", "youth theater", "children's theater", "children's theatre".. The following broad search technique, while turning up some materials that are not really on topic, will help you find relevant material you might otherwise miss.

On the first search line type:

drama* or theat* or "perform* art*"

At the end of the first line, change the drop-down menu to All subjects & indexing--SU

On the second search line type:

youth or young or children* or adolescen*

At the end of the first line, change the drop-down menu to All subjects & indexing--SU


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