Campus Common Reads


Campus Common Reads (also called Summer Reading, First Year Reads, One Book/One Campus, etc.) have existed for decades. The idea is simple – assign a single book for incoming first year students to read before they arrive on campus so they enter college with a shared experience. Books for these programs are expected to challenge, inspire and generate discussion. They are also expected to be both accessible and interesting. This guide presents, for your consideration, Common Reads titles that were assigned the most over a recent six-year period (2017-2022), with links to those available via the EMU Library.. If you’re looking for a good book, look no further!

EMU librarians Sarah Fabian, Julia Nims and Bob Stevens, recently published a peer-reviewed study in The Journal of College Reading & Learning that explores the spirit of diversity in Common Reads titles from 2017 to 2020. Findings revealed a notable presence of diverse topics in the titles selected and an examination of a subset of authors showed that 58% were people of color. Those curious to explore their findings further can do so here.

Below is a a preview of some of the most popular Campus Common Reads.

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