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How do I contribute content?

Contact Julia Nims, the repository curator, at to get started.

The EMU Library will assist faculty who wish to deposit materials into DigitalCommons@EMU by:

  • checking the copyright permissions associated with published work on their behalf.

  • digitizing material not submitted electronically, as far as technology and Library resources permit.

  • uploading the materials into the repository and adding descriptive information (metadata) for each item.

  • ensuring all publisher self-archiving requirements are included in the material’s metadata page.

  • managing any time embargos associated with the work.

What types of content can I contribute?

Faculty and student submissions must meet the following guidelines in order to be included in DigitalCommons@EMU: 

  • The work must be produced, submitted, or sponsored by EMU faculty, researchers, current students, staff, academic units, or research centers or institutes.

  • The work must be creative, scholarly, or research oriented, and merit preservation and dissemination.

  • The work should be in digital form. If parts of the item require different file formats, ideally all of the digital pieces will be provided as a set. (For example, a PDF document, with its associated data file(s).)

  • The author must be willing and able to grant Eastern Michigan University the right to preserve and distribute the work via the DigitalCommons@EMU.

  • A work can be co-authored by EMU-affiliated authors with non- EMU authors. The material’s EMU-affiliated co-authors are responsible for securing any necessary permission agreements from non-EMU authors before content is posted in DigitalCommons@EMU.

  • Bibliographic citations or abstracts alone are not accepted without the referenced works.

Individual departments and schools may develop additional guidelines regarding what intellectual output from their unit’s authors or creators they wish to archive in DigitalCommons@EMU.

Possible types of content include:


  • Published articles where copyright allows (including pre/post prints
  • Conference proceedings and papers
  • Presentation posters and papers
  • Books and contributions to books (where copyright allows)
  • Journals hosted by Eastern Michigan University
  • Creative works
  • Datasets (scientific, demographic, GPS, etc.) and other ancillary research material
  • Web-based presentations, exhibits, etc.
  • Audio and visual materials
  • Any other form of creative or research output that can be technically loaded to the repository


  • Dissertations and Master’s Theses
  • Master’s Capstone Projects (upon faculty advisor or department head/school director recommendation)
  • Honors Senior Theses

What are reasons content might not be added?

Some items that are otherwise acceptable may not be accepted for deposit into DigitalCommons@EMU if:

  • The item does not match the general parameters of creativity, research, or scholarship produced at Eastern Michigan University, or does not reflect its intellectual environment.

  • The item is in a file format that cannot be deposited for technical reasons.

  • The size of the item is prohibitive (for example, some very large sets of research data).

Where can I see examples of the different types of content?

The Digital Commons platform supports a range of content.

Browse the types of publications to see how other colleges and universities are using Digital Comons.

Are there forms I need to sign?

Before we can post any material, we require your permission.

Refer to any agreements with publishers to determine if you transferred or retained copyright.

Please contact the curator ( if you have any questions.