Anthropology - Locating Ethnographies

This guide helps with assignments to locate ethnographies in ANTH 135 and related classes

What Is an Ethnography?

In anthropological usage, ethnography is a genre of writing that describes a cultural group based on in-depth observations, interviews and participation. Ethnographies can be found in reference works, edited volumes and journals, but the typical format is as an ethnographic monograph, which is a single book written by one person offering a holistic portrait of a single cultural group. The word "ethnography" comes from the Greek ethnos = folk/people and graphein = writing.

NOTE: Ethnographies are a genre of writing created by anthropologists, but you may find that nowadays the term is used in a much looser way by other disciplines such as English or Education to mean something like "descriptive research." Many anthropologists, too, have moved far from the original meaning of the term. A study may be called "ethnographic" but still not qualify as an ethnography in the classic sense.

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