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Note: The Advanced Search mentioned in this video can now be found in a menu you can access using the icon in the top left corner that looks like 3 bars.

How to Find the Info in Mintel Reports

The Mintel interface has recently been "improved" and the new interface is pretty awkward. If you aren't careful, it is easy to miss the "meat" of the reports. Students often don't find the full report info - these tips will help:

1. The downloads section does not contain the full report.

Look in the sections under Report Content (in purple).
    The pages are organized in 5 sections:
     Click on a section to see page titles; click on a title for page text.

 3. The pages often include statistical tables. The tables often are shortened and can be expanded.
      Look at the table bottom for the link Click here to show full table

4. From a page, you can use the purple Content Map button in the title box at top to view the 5 sections.
    Or use the purple arrow buttons near the Content Map button to page through the report.

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