Mentoring @ EMU

March 31, 2015

April 21, 2015

The Faculty/Student mentoring committee and examined data from IRIM on retention/GPA of transfer students. These students seemed like a diverse and promising pool from which to draw mentees for the program. (Thanks to Anne Fox for data).

The committee also looked at research on mentoring programs, and talked about potential programming for the fall. (Thanks to Kate Pittsley for articles and the website)
We discussed the idea of faculty helping develop and support peer mentoring opportunities in their departments. Training students and faculty to be role models was suggested.

Next steps: Find out about potential budget and timelines, as well as digging more into research on effective college level mentoring.
The committee agreed to meet again at least once in June and once in August, depending on summer schedules. We will schedule over email.

June 2, 2015

Mentoring committee notes for June 2, 2015, 1030 am. Olwell, Pittsley, Brewer, Tessema, Jones, Tomas present.

Committee talked through research on mentoring, possible evaluation tools, potential model programs.

The following timeline was agreed upon by the committee:

June-July 2015- Olwell meets with Rusty McIntyre to talk about evaluation tools and potential students to work on the project. Invite offices with connection to transfer students or to other mentoring programs to attend August meeting. Kate will continue to add to reference list online. Russ will ask about potential incentives for students to participate.

August 2015, meet as a committee to discuss Fall pilot program. Committee will finalize survey.

Fall 2015: Design and implement pilot mentor training, both for faculty and for any students involved. Survey transfer students about mentoring experiences. Conduct focus group of transfer students around mentoring issues. Finalize population that the pilot will address (transfers, GPA range).

Winter 2016: Invite potential mentees to opening event of program, slated for February 2016.

Conduct mentoring program in Winter 2016 including faculty and students. Evaluate program using post-survey. Plan for potential full launch of program in Fall 2016. This would involve scaled-up training, faculty mentor, and mentee recruitment.