Stable Links for Library Resources

How to create stable links for online articles and books.

Other Books

If a book is freely available online, such as a public-domain book available through Google Books, there is no need to add the proxy prefix to the URL.

Google Books provides a link option for easy copying of a stable link from any page of a book.  Find the Link above the book page, on the right.

Copy Link from the Library Catalog

The simplest method for finding stable links for online books is to use the library catalog. The library catalog provides a link that you can copy and reuse.

1. Search for the book in the library catalog.

2. Right-click on the link in the Holdings information and select Copy Link Address or Save Target As to copy the URL.  This is a stable link. The URL will include the proxy prefix for off-campus access, for example:^B&bookid=36919

Catalog screen showing link location:

Example of catalog screen