Stable Links for Library Resources

How to create stable links for online articles and books.


A DOI - digital object identifier - is a standard method of referring to online publications, often articles.  DOIs are persistent references that will always point to a particular resource, even if the publisher's web address has changed.

DOI Link Generator

Use this form to create a link from a DOI. The generated link will include the EMU proxy and allow off-campus access to library subscriptions.

Copy and paste the DOI (example: 10.1177/0042085910377290)

Copy and use the resulting link:

to make another link

Detailed Example of a DOI Link

Step-by-step example of creating a stable link from a DOI:

Example of a DOI:


A DOI needs a prefix in order to work as a link:

The proxy prefix is then added to the DOI link, allowing EMU users to access library subscribed resources, and creating the final, stable link. You can use the EMU Proxy Link Generator to create the final link, for example:

What is a doi ?

DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier. DOIs are used to identify electronic articles and function much like the ISBNs that you are used to for textbooks.

Unlike a web address, the DOI for an article never changes. APA Style recommends that you include a DOI when available.

Where do I find a DOI?
The DOI is often printed on the first page of journal articles--sometimes at the top of the page and sometimes at the bottom. You will recognize it, because it usually is preceded by doi: and the number always starts with 10.

Some articles will not have a DOI, especially non-scholarly articles or older articles.