Stable Links for Library Resources

How to create stable links for online articles and books.

What is a stable link?

Stable links for library resources are links that can be reused, for example to link to an online article as a course reading.

In many library online resources, the URL (address) that displays in the navigation bar of your web browser is not a stable URL.  There are two potential problems:

  • The URL might be dynamic rather than persistent.  Dynamic URLs include session information that will expire and can't be reused.
  • The URL might not include EMU's proxy prefix.  The proxy prefix gives off-campus users an opportunity to login and allows the publisher to recognize authorized EMU users.

EMU Proxy Link Generator

Create links that include the EMU Proxy and allow on and off-campus access to library resources:

  • The link must be a stable, persistent link. See What is a stable link?, above.
  • Do not add the proxy to freely available sites (such as free news or magazine sites) - the link will not work.  

1. Copy and paste the source URL here:


3. Copy and use the resulting link:

4. to make another link.


Notes: JavaScript must be enabled in your browser in order to use this tool. If you encounter any problems with this tool, please contact Sara Memmott.

EMU Proxy for Off-Campus Access

When you use library resources on-campus, you will not usually see the proxy prefix in URLs for library resources.  However, the proxy prefix is required in order for a link to be stable and usable from off-campus.  The proxy prefix directs off-campus users to login and and allows the publisher to recognize authorized EMU users.

EMU's proxy prefix:

Some library databases will include the proxy prefix in persistent URLs that they provide; others will not. Before reusing a link from a library database, check to see if the proxy prefix is included at the beginning.  If not, simply add it to create a URL that will work from off-campus.  For example:

A "stable" URL from JSTOR:

Add the proxy prefix, or use the EMU Proxy Link Generator above, to create a truly stable URL that works from all locations:

Adding the proxy prefix does not give access to non-EMU users; since it directs users to use their my.emich login and password, only current EMU students, faculty and staff will be given access to library subscription resources.