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Sara Memmott
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I have been a faculty member in the library at Eastern Michigan University since 2007. My roles include Social Work Librarian, Emerging Technologies Librarian, and co-coordinator of the Information Services unit.

My previous experience includes librarian positions at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, Boston University, and the University of North Dakota.

M.A., Educational Psychology, Eastern Michigan University
M.S., Library and Information Science, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
B.A., Oberlin College

Selected Publications

Kumar, B., Farney, T. & Memmott, S. (2013). Putting content first: Evaluating the relevancy of a professional association’s web site. Journal of Web Librarianship, 7(4), 357-371.

Pittsley, K. & Memmott, S. (2012). Improving independent student navigation of complex educational web sites: An analysis of two navigation design changes in LibGuides. Information Technology & Libraries, 31(3), 52-64.

Memmott, S. & deVries, S. (2010). Tracking the elusive student: Opportunities for connection and assessment. Journal of Library Administration, 50, 798 - 807. Preprint.

Selected Presentations

Memmott, S. and Gray, S. (2017, May). A toolkit for assessing information literacy across general education. Michigan Academic Library Association Annual Conference, Grand Rapids, MI.

Memmott, S. (2016, June). Academic help seeking and use of library services among social work students. EBSS Research Forum, ALA Annual Conference, Orlando, FL.

Klopfer, L. & Memmott, S. (2015, April). Virtual reference as service: Addressing patron well-being and self-efficacy. SEMLOL Spring Meeting: Libraries as Service, Detroit, MI.

Memmott, S. & Klopfer, L. (2014, April). Negotiating instruction in the chat environment. Michigan Virtual Reference Conference, Ypsilanti, MI.

Fabian, S, deVries, S. & Memmott, S. (2012, May). Sing a song of sixpence: The birds we found in the web-Scale discovery pie. LOEX Annual Conference, Columbus, OH.

Fabian, S. & Memmott, S. (2010, August). The Academic Projects Center: Integrated support for research, writing and technology. Reference Renaissance 2010, Denver, CO.

Memmott, S., Tobias, C. Kickham-Samy, M., McCarthy, S., Weismantel, A., & Walaskay, A. (2009, July). Comparing apples to oranges? Community college and university cooperation in virtual reference. Poster session, American Library Association Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.

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