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Article case studies can be found in both Business Scholarly & Trade (formerly ABI/INFORM) and GoogleScholar.

When searching Business - Scholarly & Trade (formerly ABI/INFORM), add this to your search: SU(case studies)
Example:  "word of mouth" AND advertising AND SU(case studies)

When searching GoogleScholar, add the word "case study" in quotes to your search.
Example: Enron "case study"

Cases for Sale

About Harvard Business School Publications

Harvard Business School Cases
Harvard Business School Publishing does not sell cases to libraries. In very few instances, cases might be found in the Harvard Business Review magazine--but most cases are published separately. You usually have no option except to purchase HBS cases required for classes.

Harvard Busines Review - HBR
Harvard Business School Publishing refuses to sell electronic subscriptions to libraries; so we have current issues of the Harvard Business Review only in print form at the EMU Library.  Links below outline options for obtaining HBR articles.

Selected Ebooks with Case Studies

What is a case study?

The phrase case study can mean different things:

Teaching Cases
These cases are devised specifically for use in the classroom. Sometimes they are about real companies & situations; and sometimes they are based on fictional companies/situations. They don't give the solution, as students are meant to analyse the situation and offer solutions.

Case Study Articles
These are articles which describe a specific business situation and usually offer analysis and/or solutions.  They may provide lessons that can be applied to other situations. These can be peer reviewed and found in scholarly publications or they can be found in trade publications.

Case Studies as Marketing Tools
For marketing purposes, a company may write up case studies describing how their service or product was used sucessfully. These can be found on the web, in trade periodicals, and as white papers (a name for a type of report). These usually are not peer reviewed. You should be especially careful to evaluate these critically.

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