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As of 2020, Halle Library is no longer receiving Flying Camera calendars

Flying Camera aerial photography and imaging

To view any of these photos, ask for the "Flying Camera photographs" in the Map Library, and provide the calendar year.

Title of the photograph Area featured in the photograph Calendar date
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Amsterdam, Netherlands 1985, January
Ebro Delta, Spain Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain 1985, February
Japanese Cultural Landscape in the Region Oarai-machi, Kanto Plain Honshu, Japan 1985, March
Lake George, Canning Basin, Australia Great Sandy Desert, Australia 1985, April
Busu, a Konso Village in Southern Ethiopia Busu, Ethiopia 1985, May
Jordan Valley Rift and the Dead Sea - Between Israel and Jordan Israel, Jordan 1985, June
Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park Wyoming, United States 1985, July
Weilburg an der Lahn, Federal Republic of Germany Weilburg, Hesse, Germany 1985, August
Paraná Delta and Buenos Aires Buenos Aires, Argentina 1985, September
"New Vencie" - Santa Marta, Colombia Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia 1985, October
Volcanoes of the Tengger Caldera, Eastern Java Tengger Mountains, East java, Indonesia 1985, November
La-Tsu, Tibet Himalaya Mountains, Tibet 1985, December
Operational Use of Landsat Data, from the Peru Mapping Program Chuquibamba Area, Peru 1986, January
Aerial Archaeology - an Example for Roman Virunum Carinthia, Austria 1986, February
Namib Desert, Southwest Africa Namibia 1986, March
Urban Core of Bogotá, Colombia Bogotá, Capital District, Colombia 1986, April
Las Vegas, Gambler's Paradise in the Desert Las Vegas, Nevada, United States 1986, May
Sahel, "Tiger-striped" Bushlands Sahel Area, Niger 1986, June
Wülzburg near Weiβenburg, Central Franconia Bavaria, Germany 1986, July
The Sand Desert Sab'atayn, Yemen Hadramawt Region, Yemen 1986, August
Fulbe Village on the Bani River, Mali Mali 1986, September
the Secret of Lop Nor lake Xinjiang, China 1986, October
The Secret of Lop Nor Lake Xinjiang, China 1986, October
Settlement Basin of Los Angeles Los Angeles, California, United States 1986, November
Langedijk, Netherlands - Country of a Thousand Islands Langedijk, North Holland, Netherlands 1986, December
Olympic Park, Munich, Germany Munich, Germany 1984, January
Tokyo Bay and Kwantu Plain Honshu, Japan 1984, February
Langjökull Glacier, Iceland Iceland 1984, March
Oilfields, Zaltan Libya Sidra Basin, Libya 1984, April
Rice Cultivation in Mwea-Tebere Region, Kenya Kenya 1984, May
Rhine Valley and Rhenish Uplands, Winter Scene Mittelrhein region, Germany 1984, June
Waste Disposal Works, Cellulose Factory, Lewiston, USA Lewiston, Idaho, United States 1984, July
Following Sven Hedin's Path Tian Shan, China 1984, August
Kasteel de Haar, a Moated Castle Utrecht, Netherlands 1984, September
Central Europe as seen by NOAA-7 Europe 1984, October
St. Laurent-du-Var, France Saint-Laurent-du-Var, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France 1984, November
Managua - Twelve Years After the Earthquake Managua, Nicaragua 1984, December
Ingolstadt: Urban Green Lungs on Historical Roots Ingolstadt, Germany 1987, January
Mudflats in the Niger Delta, Nigeria Forcados, Nigeria 1987, February
Lake Titicaca, Peru Peru & Bolivia 1987, March
Rotterdam Harbor, Netherlands Rotterdam, Netherlands 1987, April
Djebel Amour, Algeria Djebel Amour Range, Algeria 1987, May
Saint-Tropez, France Saint-Tropez, France 1987, June
Volcanoes Along the Largest Fault Through System on the Earth Great Rift Valley, Kenya 1987, July
Cologne Basin, FRG Cologne, Germany 1987, August
Recent Vulcanism, Miyake Island, Japan Miyake Island, Japan 1987, September
New York New York, NY, United States 1987, October
Nintoku’s Tumulus, Sakai Near Osaka, Japan Sakai, Japan 1987, November
Death Valley California & Nevada, United States 1987, December
Nile Delta, Egypt Cairo, Egypt 1988, January
Untersulzbach-Kees, Austria Untersulzbach Glacier, Austria 1988, February
Gran Canaria, Island of Eternal Spring Grand Canary, Canary Islands 1988, March
Luxembourg, A European City with an Eventful History Luxembourg 1988, April
Mississippi Delta, Gulf of Mexico, United States New Orleans, Louisiana, United States 1988, May
Tiahuanaco, Bolivia Tiahuanaco, Bolivia 1988, June
Bahai Temple, Evanston, Ill, United States Evanston, Illinois, United States 1988, July
Europe in Late Summer Europe 1988, August
Erg of Murzuq, Libya Erg of Murzuq, Libya 1988, September
Tokyo, Toshima District and Ikebukuro Center Ring Tokyo, Japan 1988, October
Kirthar Range, Pakistan Kirthar Mountain Range, Pakistan 1988, November
Filchner Ice Shelf, Antarctica Antarctica 1988, December
Vatnajökull Glacier, Iceland Vatnajökull Glacier, Iceland 1990, January
West Coast, Lake Natron, Northern Tanzania Lake Natron, Tanzania 1990, February
Fjord Landscapes, Bergen, Norway Bergen, Norway 1990, March
Heart of West Berlin: The Memorial Church, FRG Berlin, Germany 1990, April
Péhonko, North Benin Pehonko, Benin 1990, May
Altiplano, Bolivia Altiplano, Bolivia 1990, June
Lake Chad and Delta Mouth of Chari River, Cameroon/Republic of Chad Lake Chad, Cameroon & Chad 1990, July
Farm Near Pomeroy, Washington State, United States Pomeroy, Washington, United States 1990, August
Tampa Bay, Florida/United States Tampa Bay, Florida, United States 1990, September
Hüfi Glacier Tongue, Switzerland Canton Üri, Switzerland 1990, October
Northeastern Tarim Basin, China Tarim Basin, China 1990, November
Enkhuizen: Town on the Jsselmeer, Netherlands Enkhuizen, Netherlands 1990, December
Filchner Ice Shelf, Antarctica: Breaking Off of a Shelf Ice Plate Filchner Ice Shelf, Antarctica 1991, January
Flowers from Holland, Netherlands Westland, Netherlands 1991, February
Dying Trees in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming/USA Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States 1991, March
Paris, France Paris, France 1991, April
Celle, Germany: A Romantic City in the Southern Lüneberg Heath Celle, Germany 1991, May
Agricultural Landscape, Province P’yŏngan-namdo, North Korea P’yongan-namdo, North Korea 1991, June
Bou Saâda, Algeria: Ouled Nail-Mountains Bou Saada, Algeria 1991, July
Plön, Germany: City and Sea Ploen, Germany 1991, August
Mecca and Jiddah, Saudi Arabia Mecca, Jiddah, Saudi Arabia 1991, September
Sundoro Volcano, Java: Source of Destruction and Fertility Sundoro Volcano, Java 1991, October
Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand 1991, November
Salt Extraction in Walvis Bay, South Africa Walvis Bay, South Africa 1991, December
Colonia Las Heras, Argentina Pategonia, Argentina 1992, January
Power Plant Scholven, Ruhr Industrial Area Scholven, Germany 1992, February
Horn of Africa, Somalia Somalia 1992, March
“Smalland” Holiday Centre, Netherlands Loosdrechste Plassen, Netherlands 1992, April
Copenhagen — Northeastern Sjaelland, Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark 1992, May
Tagant Plateau, Mauritania Tagant Mountains, Mauritania 1992, June
Barcelona: Old Town and Olympia Stadium Barcelona, Spain 1992, July
Ganges and Brahmaputra Delta, Bengal and Bangladesh Ganges River, Bengal & Bangladesh 1992, August
“Sheep-Wheat-Belt”, Wagga Wagga; Southeast Australia Wagga Wagga, Australia 1992, September
North America, Continent of the Western Hemisphere North America 1992, October
Beirut, Lebanon Beirut, Lebanon 1992, November
Kar Tukulti-Ninurta (Tului al’Aqr), Iraq Kar Tukulti-Ninurta, Iraq 1992, December
Scandinavia Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, & Latvia 1993, January
“El Escorial”, Escorial de Arriba near Madrid Madrid, Spain 1993, February
Moscow Moscow, Russia 1993, March
Agricultural Structures near Sanandaj: Province of Kurdistan/Iran Sanandaj, Iran 1993, April
Cabora Bassa Reservoir, Mozambique Cabora Bassa Reservoir, Mozambique 1993, May
Antilles Island of Saba: Divers’ and Travellers’ Paradise Saba, Netherlands Antilles, West Indies 1993, June
The Sandfield of Al Wahiba in Southern Oman Al Wahiba, Oman 1993, July
Kamenz, Lessing’s City Kamenz, Germany 1993, August
Ayers Rock, Australia Ayers Rock, Australia 1993, September
Log-Sorting Works on Lake Coeur d’Alene Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, United States 1993, October
Central Himalayas Himalaya Mountains, Nepal & Tibet 1993, November
Geneva: City of International Conferences Geneva, Switzerland 1993, December
Radio Telescope, Arecibo Observatory: Puerto Rico, United States Puerto Rico, United States 1994, January
Southwestern Lake Chad Basin: Borno State, Northeastern Nigeria Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, & Chad 1994, February
Papenburg, Lower Saxony Papenburg, Germany 1994, March
Bighorn Basin, Wyoming Wyoming, United States 1994, April
Landscapes between the Bodensee and the Swiss Alps Gais, Switzerland 1994, May
Sydney Sydney, Australia 1994, June
The Pier, Scheveningen Scheveningen, Netherlands 1994, July
Northeastern Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan 1994, August
Archaeological Excavation, City of Mainz Mainz, Germany 1994, September
Rügen in Vorpommern Ruegen & Stralsund, Germany 1994, October
Continent of Africa Africa 1994, November
Madrid, the Old Town Madrid, Spain 1994, December
The North Friesland Archipelago North Friesland Islands, Germany 1995, January
The City of Hamadan, Iran Hamadan, Iran 1995, February
Everglades, Florida Everglades, Florida, United States 1995, March
Rhine-Main Airport Frankfurt Frankfurt, Germany 1995, April
First Sir-C/X-Sar Shuttle Radar Lab Mission, 09.04.-19.04.1994, Funfseenland, Upper Bavaria Fünfseenland, Bavaria, Germany 1995, May
Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain: Wiltshire/Wessex, Southern England Stonehenge, England 1995, June
Rio Paraná, Brazil Rio Paraná, Brazil 1995, July
Weimar, City of Classists Weimar, Germany 1995, August
Southern Kalahari: Border Area Namibia/Republic of South Africa Kalahari Desert, Namibia & South Africa 1995, September
Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico Chihuahua, Mexico 1995, October
Monts du Cantal in the French Massif Central Auvergne, France 1995, November
Gibraltar and the Southern Part of Cadiz Province: Southern Spain Gibraltar, Spain 1995, December
Circular Overhead Irrigation Water-Works in the Salamiyah Oasis Salamiyah Oasis, Saudi Arabia 1996, January
Waste Repository Storage Site, Wiesbaden Wiesbaden, Germany 1996, February
Virunga Volcano Chain, Zaire Virunga Mountains, Congo 1996, March
Heusden, a Fortified Dutch City on the Bergschen Maas River Heusden, Netherlands 1996, April
Rio Grijalva, Southeast Mexico Rio Grijalva, Mexico 1996, May
Berlin, Celebrated “Wrapped Reichstag” Berlin, Germany 1996, June
Lisbon and Environs Lisbon, Portugal 1996, July
Field Structures in the New Territories, Hong Kong Hong Kong, China 1996, August
Sebha, Province of Fezzan, Libya Sebha, Fezzan, Libya 1996, September
Windsor/Canada and Detroit/United States Windsor, Ontario, Canada & Detroit, Michigan, United States 1996, October
Southeastern Europe Europe 1996, November
Michelstadt and Erbach — a Cleared Island in the Odenwald Erbach & Michelstadt, Germany 1996, December
Wood Tikchik State Park, Alaska Alaska, United States 1997, January
Saarbrucken — a City in the Heart of Unified Europe Saarbrücken, Germany 1997, February
Stockholm and the Area Around Malar Lake Stockholm, Sweden 1997, March
Berlin — the Spandau Citadel Berlin, Germany 1997, April
Sedimental Arts — Carrera Pinto, Chile Carrera Pinto, Chile 1997, May
Playa del Ingles — Maspalomas, Gran Canaria Maspalomas, Canary Islands 1997, June
Aral Sea, Usbekistan Aral Sea, Uzbekistan 1997, July
Helmstedt, a Former Check-point Helmstedt, Germany 1997, August
Dune Field on the Kidan Plain Kidan Plain, Saudi Arabia 1997, September
Cape Town Cape Town, South Africa 1997, October
Toba and Kakar Ranges, Afghanistan/Pakistan Toba & Kakar Ranges, Afghanistan & Pakistan 1997, November
Ruined City Jiahoe Jiahoe, China 1997, December
Irazu Volcano Irazu Volcano, Costa Rica 1998, January
Rio, the Wonderful City Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1998, February
Lake Balaton Lake Balaton, Germany 1998, March
Hohenzollern Castle Hohenzollern Castle, Germany 1998, April
Arctic Coastal Plain, Alaska Alaska, United States 1998, May
Frankfurt, Metropolis on the Main Frankfurt, Germany 1998, June
The Zhoushan Archipelago in the East China Sea Zhoushan Archipelago, China 1998, July
Avila Avila, Spain 1998, August
Radar Map of Germany Germany 1998, September
Locarno, Ascona and the Maggia Delta on Lake Maggiore Lake Maggiore, Switzerland 1998, October
Gran Sasso d’Italia Abruzzi Mountains, Italy 1998, November
Ring Settlement in Wyk, Fohr Wyk auf Föhr, Germany 1998, December
San Juan River and City, Argentina San Juan, Argentina 1999, January
Farmland near the Northern German West Coast Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 1999, February
Bordeaux and Environs Bordeaux, France 1999, March
Hanseatic City of Stralsund Stralsund, Germany 1999, April
Northwestern Somalia Somalia 1999, May
Fribourg, Switzerland — At the Crossroads of Two Cultures Fribourg, Switzerland 1999, June
Catastrophic Flooding in China Yangtze River, China 1999, July
Benidorm Benidorm, Spain 1999, August
Indian Subcontinent India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma, & China 1999, September
Amersfoort City Center Ameersfort, Netherlands 1999, October
Lake Constance Lake Constance, Switzerland 1999, November
Pyramids of Xochicalco Xochicalco, Mexico 1999, December
The Old City of Jerusalem Jerusalem, Israel 2000, January
Open-Pit Mining in the World’s Largest Copper Mine Utah, United States 2000, February
The Middle Rhine River and the Rhenish Uplands from a Radar Perspective Rheinland-Pfalz & Hessen, Germany 2000, March
Canals in Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands 2000, April
Iguaçu Falls and Environs Iguaçu Falls, Paraguay, Brazil, & Argentina 2000, May
The Matterhorn from an Unaccustomed Perspective Valais, Switzerland 2000, June
“Oil-Durado” in West Siberian Wetlands Siberia, Russia 2000, July
Darkened Sun over Central Europe Europe & Africa 2000, August
The Port of Emden Emden, Germany 2000, September
Vienna and Neusiedler Lake Vienna, Austria 2000, October
Southwestern Anti Atlas and Draa Valley, Southern Morocco Morocco 2000, November
Medieval Rothenburg ob der Tauber Rothenburg, Germany 2000, December
San José San José, Costa Rica 2001, January
Güstrow Güstrow, Germany 2001, February
Danube Delta Danube River, Romania 2001, March
Willemstad Willemstad, Netherlands 2001, April
Chesapeake Bay Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, & New Jersey, United States 2001, May
Cotopaxi Volcano Cotopaxi Mountain, Ecuador 2001, June
Lindau, Lake Constance — Island and County Seat Lindau, Switzerland 2001, July
Bryce Canyon Utah, United States 2001, August
Northern Alps and Swiss Mittelland Switzerland 2001, September
Dortmund — Between the Past and the Future Dortmund, Germany 2001, October
Arabian Peninsula Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, & Israel) 2001, November
The Shrine at Fátima, Portugal Fátima, Portugal 2001, December
Rome: The Eternal City Rome, Italy 2002, January
Life on the Ice Edge: Sismiut (Holsteinsborg) Sisimiut, Greenland 2002, February
Qinghai Lake in Southwestern China Qinghai Lake, China 2002, March
Wondrous Rock Church of Bet Giorgis in Lalibela Lalibela, Ethiopia 2002, April
Southeastern Oklahoma: Morphology Triumphs over the Drawing Board Oklahoma, United States 2002, May
The “Band des Bundes” Berlin, Germany 2002, June
Mount Etna on Sicily Sicily, Italy 2002, July
Western Aden Peninsula Aden, Yemen 2002, August
The Volga River: Climate and Landscape Divide Volga River, Russia 2002, September
Bock Island, Resting Place for Cranes Bock Island, Germany 2002, October
Australia — A Continent of Marginal Settlements Australia 2002, November
Nördlingen Nördlingen, Germany 2002, December
Aisen, Chile — Rain Forest, Steppe and Eternal Ice Aisen, Chile 2003, January
Nordhorn: the Transformation of a “Textile-Producing City In February the Country” Nordhorn, Germany 2003, February
Once a Desert Steppe: Llano Estacado Texas, United States 2003, March
Berlin’s Museum Island — A World’s Heritage Site Berlin, Germany 2003, April
Signs from the Universe — The Shoemaker Meteorite Crater in Western Australia Shoemaker Meteorite Crater, Australia 2003, May
Mainz and the Maaraue Island Mainz, Germany 2003, June
World’s Most Famous Cycling Competition Celebrates its 100 th Anniversary France, Belgium, & Netherlands 2003, July
Sierra Madre Oriental, Bizarre Folded Mountains in Northeastern Mexico Sierra Madre Mountains, Mexico 2003, August
Castro Marim: From Trading Center and Fortified City to Salt Production Region Castro Marim, Portugal 2003, September
Istanbul — “New Rome” or “City of the World’s Desire” Istanbul, Turkey 2003, October
The Lena Delta — Nature’s “Fan” Siberia, Russia 2003, November
Dresden, Baroque City Created by Augustus The Strong Dresden, Germany 2003, December
Eagle-Eye View of Munich from an Altitude of 681 km Munich, Germany 2004, January
Borgarnes: the Cradle of Storytellers (Skalds and Saga Poets) Borgarnes, Iceland 2004, February
Nothing More Than Sand? — The Great Dune Areas of Northern Algeria Algeria 2004, March
How to Count Cows from Space: The German Space Center in Oberpfaffenhofen Oberpgaffenhofen, Germany 2004, April
Barcelona — The Secret Capital of Spain?! Barcelona, Spain 2004, May
Heppenheim, Picturesque Government and Administrative Center on the Bergstrasse Heppenheim, Germany 2004, June
Lake Carnegie — Salt Lake in the Vast Desert of Western Australia Australia 2004, July
Using Radar Technology to Detect Breaches in Dikes Oderbruch, Germany 2004, August
Scars of the Earth — The Araguainha Meteorite Crater Brazil 2004, September
Prague — Ten Bridges Join the Old and the New in the Golden City Prague, Czech Republic 2004, October
Not at all Monotonous from Above: Kalahari Desert in Namibia Kalahari Desert, Namibia 2004, November
Qassimiut — Small Fishing Village on the Rugged Coast of Southern Greenland Qassimiut, Greenland 2004, December
Mountain Forests in the Alps Austria 2005, January
Old Goldsmiths’ City — Hanau am Main Hanau am Main, Germany 2005, February
The Colorado River — Nature’s “Sculptor” Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States 2005, March
Bern — The City of Arbours, Fountains and Gates Bern, Switzerland 2005, April
The Bay of Naples Naples, Italy 2005, May
Hamburg Seaport, “Gateway to the World” Hamburg, Germany 2005, June
The Pilbara Region on the Edge of the Great Sandy Desert Pilbara Region, Australia 2005, July
The Seaport of Calais Calais, France 2005, August
Aerosol-Droplet Clouds or Ice-Crystal Clouds? — Pink or Turquoise? New Weather Satellites Provide Answers. Africa, S. America, Europe, Middle East 2005, September
New Orleans — The Birthplace of Jazz New Orleans, Louisiana, United States 2005, October
Münster — Former Hanseatic City in Westphalia Münster, Germany 2005, November
Glacial Region in East Antarctica Byrd Glacier, Antarctica 2005, December
New York, New York New York, United States 2006, January
The Northernmost Capital in the World: Reykjavik Reykjavik, Iceland 2006, February
“Land between the Seas” — Schleswig-Holstein Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 2006, March
Wiesbaden — the Quiet Capital Wiesbaden, Germany 2006, April
Fingerprint from the Universe — The Manicouagan Crater Quebec, Canada 2006, May
The Allianz Arena in Northern Munich — “Frőttmaning’s Rubber Dinghy” Munich, Germany 2006, June
Dune Landscapes on the Dardzha Peninsula Turkmenistan 2006, July
Early Summer on the Zugspitze, August 2006 Bavaria, Germany 2006, August
The Venice Lagoon Venice, Italy 2006, September
Hassloch: The largest village in Rhineland-Palatinate Hassloch, Germany 2006, October
The Western Half of Southern Africa South Africa, Namibia, & Botswana 2006, November
Relaxing in an Old Peat Bog Het Twiske, Netherlands 2006, December
Alaska: Star Number 49 Alaska, United States 2007, January
East Africa’s “Tear Seam” Rift Valley, Ethiopia 2007, February
The Path of “Darkness” Africa, Europe, Middle East 2007, March
The Fascination of Technology: The Magdeburg Waterway Junction Magdeburg, Germany 2007, April
Calcutta is on the Ganges….? Calcutta, India 2007, May
HyperData Pilot Project — Langeoog Langeoog, Germany 2007, June
Pinacate Volcanic Field in Northwestern Mexico Pinacate Volcanic Field, Mexico 2007, July
Fulda — Baroque City and Heart of East Hessen Fulda, Germany 2007, August
Dalmatian Coast, Croatia Dalmatia, Croatia 2007, September
The Citadel of Arbil Arbil, Iraq 2007, October
Central Europe Denmark, Germany, Poland, & Czech Republic 2007, November
Basel at Night Basel, Switzerland 2007, December
Baltische Lander: The Baltic States Estonia & Latvia 2008, January
Osnabruck: Osnabruck, the City of Peace Osnabrück, Germany 2008, February
"Sandmier" nache Oase Terkezi, NE-Tschad: In a Sea of Sand — near the Terkezi Oasis, Chad Terkezi Oasis, Chad 2008, March
Stadtkern Zug, Scheveiz: Zug — Swiss “Financial Dorado” on the Lakeshore Zug, Switzerland 2008, April
Radarbild Kubitzer Bodden, Deutschland: Multiple Polarization Technologies Highlight Various Types of Land Use and Other Processes above and on Waters around the Kubitz Bodden Inlet Kubitzer Bay, Germany 2008, May
Altsdadt von Clermont-Ferrand, Frankreich: Clermont-Ferrand — Bishopric in the Heart of France Clermont-Ferrand, France 2008, June
Schottland: Scotland — Promontory between Two Oceans Scotland 2008, July
Olympiastadt Peking: The “Youth of the World” in Beijing, the “Northern Capital” (Bei jing) Beijing, China 2008, August
Kuwait Towers & Aqua Park: Kuwait City’s Famous Landmark Kuwait City, Kuwait 2008, September
St. Louis, Missouri: St. Louis, Missouri — Gateway to the West St. Louis, Missouri, United States 2008, October
Strom-und Warmekraftwerk Svartsengi & Blue Lagoon, Island: Svartsengi — Heat and Healing from the Earth’s Interior Svartsengi, Iceland 2008, November
Sturmtief-Zuillinge “Karla” and “Lotte”: “Karla and Lotte”: Storm Clouds over Europe Europe & North Africa 2008, December
Vatican City in Rome Vatican City, Italy 2009, January
Ship Tracks Over the Bay of Biscay Atlantic Ocean, Spain, Portugal, France, Great Britain 2009, February
Speyer and the Imperial Cathedral Speyer, Germany 2009, March
The Eye of the Sahara — The Richat Dome in the Mauritanian Desert Mauritania 2009, April
Fortified City of Hulst in the Dutch Province of Zealand Hulst, Netherlands 2009, May
The Weserbergland at the Porta Westfalica Porta Westfalica, Germany 2009, June
Seasonal Development of Rice Cultivation in the Po Valley Po Valley, Italy 2009, July
Carcassonne — A “Double” World Heritage Site Carcassonne, France 2009, August
The Delaware River Basin and the Jersey Shore New Jersey & New York, United States 2009, September
Aqrah: A Small Town in Iraqi Kurdistan (Dahok) Aqrah, Iraq 2009, October
Antarctica — The Earth’s Refrigerator and Climate Control Unit Antarctica 2009, November
Zurich — Switzerland’s Secret Capital City? Zurich, Switzerland 2009, December
Turin — Capital of the Piedmont Region Turin, Italy 2010, January
The Pyrenees — Where Southern and Western Europe Meet France & Spain 2010, February
Zeebrugge Harbor/Belgium Zeebrugge, Belgium 2010, March
Istanbul — Bridges over the Bosporus Istanbul, Turkey 2010, April
Gauli Glacier in the Eastern Bernese Alps Switzerland 2010, May
"High and Low" — Bogda Mountains and Turpan Depression China 2010, June
The University Town of Tübingen Tübingen, Germany 2010, July
Arctic — Eternal Ice Arctic Sea 2010, August
Dessau — with the UNESCO World Heritage Sites Bauhaus, Masters' Houses and the Dessau-Wörlitz Garden Realm Dessau, Germany 2010, September
Yukon-Kuskokwin Delta — An Immense Nature Reserve Alaska, USA 2010, October
Svolvaer — "Capital" of the Lofoten Archipelago Svolvaer, Norway 2010, November
Taj Mahal and Red Fort in Agra, Northern India Agra, India 2010, December
Mallorca — Amazingly varied Mallorca, Spain 2011, January
Bremen — the Hanseatic City on the River Weser Bremen, Germany 2011, February
North Benin: Inselbergs, savannah and gallery forests Benin 2011, March
The ash clouds of the Eyjafjall volcano Iceland 2011, April
UNESCO World Heritage Site Messel Pit — the home of Propalaeotherium Messel, Germany 2011, May
TanDEM-X (TerraSAR-X add-on for Digital Elevation Measurement) Don River reservoir, Russia 2011, June
The coast of St. Peter-Ording — part of the UNESCO Natural Heritage Sankt Peter-Ording, Germany 2011, July
Panama Canal — the world's most important man-made waterway Panama 2011, August
The Shrine of Imam Reza — the most important pilgrimage site in Iran Mashhad, Iran 2011, September
Galapagos — the volcanic islands of Isabela and Fernandina Galapagos Islands 2011, October
Thun: Nature, tradition and modernity Thun, Switzerland 2011, November
Thermography of Antwerp Antwerp, Belgium 2011, December
Van Gogh from orbit — algal blooms around Sweden's sunny island Gotland, Sweden 2012, January
Münster — Baroque Castle with "Send" Münster, Germany 2012, February
The mountain of the gods with "The White Lady" — the Brandberg Massif in Namibia Namibia 2012, March
Koblenz and Ehrenbreitstein Koblenz, Germany 2012, April
A fever thermometer for the environment Bavaria, Germany 2012, May
Longyearlyen — the capital of Svalbard Svalbard, Sweden 2012, June
40 years of Landsat — a "picture book" of the Earth California, United States 2012, July
Greater London and the Strait of Dover London, United Kingdom 2012, August
Neuchâtel/Neuenburg — capital of Neuchâtel canton Neuchâtel, Switzerland 2012, September
The Yukon Delta Alaska, United States 2012, October
The Hague — global capital of jurisdiction The Hague, Netherlands 2012, November
Jakobshavn Isbrae — one of the fastest glaciers in the world Greenland 2012, December
Iceland — A digital terrain model Iceland 2013, January
The Mauvoisin dam wall in Canton Valais Valais, Switzerland 2013, February
A view of downtown within a "mega city" Mexico City, Mexico 2013, March
Walruses in Svalbard Svalbard, Norway 2013, April
The Great Salt Lake Desert in northern Iran Dasht-e Kavir, Iran 2013, May
Rendsburg — railway high bridge over the Kiel Canal Rendsburg, Germany 2013, June
The Strait of Magellan, situated at the southern tip of the American continent — connecting two oceans Brunswick Peninsula, Chile 2013, July
Summer 2012 in Central Europe Germany, Netherlands 2013, August
The confluence of the Blue and White Nile at Khartoum Khartoum, Sudan 2013, September
The Battle of the Nations Monument in Leipzig Leipzig, Germany 2013, October
Meridiani Planum, Mars — The Victoria Crater gets an unexpected visit Mars 2013, November
Aachen — the German city touching the borders of Belgium and the Netherlands Aachen, Germany 2013, December
The archipelago of Åland — The Scandinavian sunshine islands Sweden, Finland 2014, January
"Removed from the world" — the Kibo Kilimanjaro Tanzania 2014, February
Anthropogenic landscape scars of the Lusatian lignite mining field Germany 2014, March
Complex urban structures at the centre of the megacity Cairo Cairo, Egypt 2014, April
Naumburg, cathedral city on the Saale Naumburg, Germany 2014, May
Brasilia, birth of a "new capital" Brasilia, Brazil 2014, June
The European quarter in Brussels Brussels, Belgium 2014, July
Tassili Mountains — a witness of continual climate change Algeria 2014, August
The confluence of the rivers Nahe and Rhine Germany 2014, September
Rain-fed agriculture in North Kordofan, Sudan Sudan 2014, October
San Francisco Bay San Francisco, United States 2014, November
The Jungfraujoch with the Sphinx Observatory Switzerland 2014, December
Winter in North America Great Lakes, United States, Canada 2015, January
Warsaw, Poland's booming capital Warsaw, Poland 2015, February
The shelf of Walsoorden in the river Scheldt Netherlands 2015, March
The Goethe town Weimar and the Buchenwald Memorial Weimar, Germany 2015, April
The "Red Heart of Australia" in the TanDEM-X elevation model Australia 2015, May
Porsangerfjord, Lakselv and Stabbursdalen National Park Norway 2015, June
Impressions of the Niger in Mali Mali 2015, July
The Schilles town Marbach am Neckar Germany 2015, August
Susquehanna — One of the oldest rivers in North America Pennsylvania, United States 2015, September
West Siberian lakeland near Ishim Russia 2015, October
The Königstein Fortress in Saxon Switzerland Switzerland 2015, November
"Standing on top of the world" — Mount Everest Nepal, Tibet 2015, December
The fan-shaped city of Karlsruhe Germany 2016, January
The estuary at Chaunskaya Bay in northeastern Siberia Russia 2016, February
"Neue Stadt Wulfen-Barkenberg" Germany 2016, March
Hawaii — a creation of the fire goddess Pele Hawaii, United States 2016, April
"Belgium Pier" in Blakenberge Blankenberge, Belgium 2016, May
Impressive cultural city on the Pacific coast Valparaíso, Chile 2016, June
Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVER) Earth, Moon 2016, July
Djebel Uweinat Egypt, Libya, Sudan 2016, August
Loburo, town in southwestern Nigeria Loburo, Nigeria 2016, September
Marine farms observed from satellite South Korea 2016, October
"A direct hit in the sand" — the meteorite crater "Gosses Bluff" in Australia Australia 2016, November
Magdeburg Cathedral — Cathedral of Saint Maurice and Saint Catherine Magdeburg, Germany 2016, December
The Rhine industrial area around Duisburg, Oberhausen and Mülheim Germany 2017, January
Mulanje, an extraordinary mountain massif Malawi 2017, February
Lelystad, an "undiscovered pearl of the Netheralands," celebrates its 50th anniversary The Netherlands 2017, March
The Mountains of Marmots Kazakhstan 2017, April
In the morning, Niagara Falls switches to tourism mode New York, United States; Ontario, Canada 2017, May
"Fire under Ice" — The young lava field Holuhraun Island 2017, June
Olten railway city in the Swiss canton of Solothurn Switzerland 2017, July
Taranaki is one of the most beautiful volcanoes in the world New Zealand 2017, August
Rich city, poor city — Two faces of the city of Mumbai Mumbai, India 2017, September
Río Meta, "thieving waters" Colombia 2017, October
The Rat Islands should be free of rats once again Alaska, United States 2017, November
Green oasis of Berlin Berlin, Germany 2017, December
Washington, D.C. United States 2018, Januaryr
La Réunion (Reunion Island) Indian Ocean 2018, February
Heilbronn Baden-Württemberg, Germany 2018, March
Hamersley Range and Rocklea Dome Westrn Australia 2018, April
Fort Bourtange Groningen, Netherlands 2018, May
Schlei Nature Park Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 2018, June
Helgoland (Heligoland) North Sea, Germany 2018, July
Emi Koussi Tibesti Mountains, Sahara Desert, Chad 2018, August
Octoberfest in Munich Munich, Germany 2018, September
Tokyo Tokyo, Japan 2018, October
Hauptbenhoff in Leipzig Saxony, Germany 2018, November
3D model of the Antarctic Antarctica 2018, December
The Seine estuary Honfleur & Le Havre, France 2019, January
Balloon expedition on Spitsbergen Svalbard, Norway 2019, February
Goes, Netherlands Zeeland, Netherlands 2019, March
Estuary area of the Rio Grijalva Tabasco, Mexico 2019, April
Stein am Rhein Schaffhausen, Switzerland 2019, May
Isthmus of Corinth Corinth, Greece 2019, June
Center of Buenos Aires Buenos Aires, Argentina 2019, July
Tanezrouft, Algeria Algeria 2019, August
Em River area between Dörpen and Papenburg Lower Saxony, Germany 2019, September
Würzburg Residence Würzburg, Bavaria,, Germany 2019, October
Tongatapu, Kingdom of Tonga Tonga 2019, November
Strzelce Krajeńskie, Poland Lubusz Voivodeship, Poland 2019, December
North America's Great Lakes Michigan, Wisconsin, United States; Ontario, Canada 2020, January
Passau, the City of Three Rivers Passau, Bavaria, Germany 2020, February
Rice-growing Region in the Mekong Delata Vietnam 2020, March
Fortress Ruins of Hohentwiel Baden-Württemberg, Germany 2020, April
Vojvodina Province, Serbia Vojvodina, Serbia 2020, May
Grand Place in Brussels Brussels, Belgium 2020, June
Landscape at Heiligenhafen Heiligenhafen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 2020, July
Flaherty Island, Belcher Islands, Canada Flaherty Island, Nunavut, Canada 2020, August
Nairobi Nairobi, Kenya 2020, September
Freeport-Lucaya, Grand Bahamas Freeport, Bahamas 2020, October
Lake Dukan, Kurdistan Kurdistan, Iraq 2020, November
Icebreaker in the drift ice from Spitsbergen Svalbard, Norway 2020, December

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