SWRK 533

Resources for SWRK 533: Evaluation and Research: Quantitative & Qualitative Methods

Article Databases

Finding and Using Scholarly Sources

Understanding scholarly sources and peer-review:

PsycINFO Searching for Behaviors: Behavior Change Plan

Try alternative words

Search for keyword(s) and phrases for your behavior in the first search box. Use "or" between alternative words, for example:

marijuana OR cannabis

Find causes

One way to find articles that discuss possible causes or related factors, in a separate search box, add:

etiology OR caus*

Etiology means the study of causes. The *, or wildcard, will find different word endings: causes, causal, causality.

Limit to Peer Reviewed

Be sure to check the Peer Reviewed box, located after the search boxes:


Limit to Empirical Research

On the search page, scroll below the search boxes and select Empirical Study on the Methodology menu.

Find an intervention for the cause

If you're having trouble finding articles that discuss interventions, in a separate search box add words for this concept, for example:

intervention or treatment or therapy

ProQuest & PsycINFO Basics

Note: This video demonstrates a search using the ProQuest database ERIC, but the search functions are the same in PsycINFO and other ProQuest databases:

Using the Thesaurus in PsycINFO

This video demonstrates how (and why) to use the thesaurus tool to find subject terms to improve your searching of PsycINFO.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

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