IDE 111 - Environmental Psychology and Behavior for Interior Design

Use research literature and internet sources to learn the definition, case, and design considerations for a selected physical/cognitive condition

In class exercise: finding & evaluating organizational websites

The purpose of this exercise is to locate and evaluate websites that focus on the medical condition that you're researching. Begin by running a web search on your medical condition. Take note of any governmental or organizational sites that you see in your results list focusing on this condition.

Next, we're going to consider if the organization is reputable. For some causes, you may recognize the organization (e.g., the American Heart Association). Others will require a bit more research. For this exercise, we're not interested in what an organization says about itself (they can lie), and we definitely don't want to evaluate the site based on its domain (e.g., .org, .com) so don't look at a site's "About Us" info or URL. We want to find information that other sources reveal about it (this is called lateral reading). Good strategies for this step include:

  • run a Wikipedia search on the organization (most reputable, established organizations will have a very detailed Wikipedia page).
  • look and see if there is any news coverage on the organization.

What do these resources say? How long have they existed? Who is behind the organization? Are there any criticisms noted that raise a red flag? If not, list the organization name and URL on this Google Doc. You can then refer to this document when you do your research.

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