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Finding EMU Dissertations and Theses

There are two places to look for dissertations and theses by EMU students: EMU's Digital Commons and a database from the company Proquest.

There are three links to Digital Commons below--two links show a list of dissertations by specific COE departments and the 3rd link goes to the full EMU Digital Commons which will also include Master Theses from all three COE departments.

The last link goes to a ProQuest database of EMU theses. Although there is overlap coverage between Digital Commons and ProQuest, each will have unique theses not found in the other. 

Finding Dissertations and Theses Worldwide

Article Databases that include Dissertations

Getting the Full Dissertation

Try first to look in Google Scholar and Dissertations & Theses Global Full Text (above) for digital fulltext of a dissertation. Many universities are now posting dissertations in repositories (like Digital Commons). Google Scholar includes Digital Commons and other repositories in its search. If that doesn't work, you might also try a regular Google search.

An effective way to search for the dissertation in Google Scholar or Google is to place the title in quotes, followed by the author last name. Example search: "Self-Efficacy and Instructional Leadership" Helber

For older dissertations, you may need to try to interlibrary loan the dissertation. You can get an idea of whether the dissertation is at a library by searching OCLC WorldCat. Or go to the web site for the library of the university where the author did the dissertation. Unfortunately, sometimes dissertations are not available via interlibrary loan. As a last resort, you may be able to purchase dissertations from ProQuest--see DissertationExpress link below.