Datathon 2018

This page houses information for the 2018 Datathon event.

Information Visualization

A key component of this datathon is the way you communicate and organize the information. Be sure to include at least one type of information visualization to help communicate your analysis. 


Graphs can help show the 'big picture' from a large number of data points. Some types of graphs include: 

Scatter plots 

Image of graph with  


Graph from: 

Pie Chart




Bar Chart

Pork Cook Time




Tables are a useful way to organize a lot of quantitative information (information involving numbers). Sometimes a table is the best way to display information, but be careful, too much information in a table can make it hard to read and understand. 




Area Map

Maps are a good option for demonstrating information that has to do with different locations. 

Unemployment Rate by State 2016



Infographics can communicate a large amount of information. They combine data analysis graphics with text to highlight a particular issue or point of view. They always cite their sources, so please make sure you do too.

Image result for popular vote in 2016