Datathon 2018

This page houses information for the 2018 Datathon event.

Datathon Guidelines

What is it? 

In the datathon you will work in teams to analyze the datasets provided to answer the provided research questions (or write your own!) and present your findings on the final day of the event. 

What are the rules? 

1. Work together and focus on the big picture. Remember, the point of the datathon is to make our world a better place! 

2. Be kind. Be respectful of others and their viewpoints and their backgrounds. Do not harass or make others uncomfortable. Sexual imagery is not allowed. Follow the hackathon code of conduct

3. Have fun! 

What are you expected to do? 

Carry out the following steps to complete your datathon tasks: 

STEP 1. Explore the datasets. 

STEP 2. Select or write a research question. 

STEP 3. Analyze the data to help answer the research question. 

STEP 4. Create a visualization to help explain your findings. 

STEP 5. Create a 5-minute Google Slides Presentation to share your: Research question, analytical methods, visualization, findings, and ideas for the next steps to help solve the problem or continue to address the research question. 


Complete your Research Journal. Chat with the EMU professors about your project and progress. 

How are the results judged?

The results will be judged using the datathon rubric.