Scholarly Impact Challenge

This guide contains 10 challenges for scholars to better understand and manage their online scholarly presence, as well as the impact and reach of their research.

Thank You

In a hugely competitive research landscape, publishing is no longer the last step in the research process. Instead, it is the first step in making sure your work has impact.

If you’ve completed one or more of the challenges, congratulations! You’ve successfully done the work that will help you supercharge your scholarly impact! You’re sharing more of your work than you were before, and you're able to track the success of your efforts and the real-time impact of your scholarship.

Finally, we have a favor to ask. Please complete the Scholarly Impact Challenge Feedback form to tell us what worked for you, and where we need to improve. Whether you completed all the challenges or only one, we value your comments and suggestions.

License Statement

Content for this page of the Scholarly Impact Challenge has been derived from the OU Impact Challenge, which is licensed CC BY 4.0.