MGMT 202 - Business Communication (Barley)

Identifying B Corps

Green Company Assignment Resources

Your initial source will likely be your company's website. Comb their site for information. 

Use these recommended resources to locate and cite materials suitable for your Green Company assignment. 

Search tips

Use green company criteria to choose search terms. Some suggestions are below.

Company name plus: 

  • reviews
  • workers or employees
  • governance or transparency 
  • diversity
  • customers or clients
  • rewards
  • sustainability
  • social media engagement
  • environment
  • values

Example: Coca-cola employee reviews

Locating credible business articles

Use these and the resources listed in the Find Articles page within this guide for to locate credible articles in library databases (and automated citation generators for those sources). 

See Search Tips above for search word ideas.

Locating demographics and statistics

Demographic information about clients or a company's area may be found on their website, by looking at the local city or county's Chamber of Commerce, or by looking at their competitors websites. You may also look in library resources, including those below.

Note: Demographic information may not be available in these databases for small, local or regional companies. 

Locating website reviews of businesses

Search the web for customer and employee reviews. A few sites are recommended below.

Green company research cheat sheet

Cheat Sheet. Company website. Corporate Citizenship Reports. Annual Reports. Investor Reports. Press Releases. Other reports or publications for investors or media. Social media. Trade Sources. ProQuest One Business. News Sources. Factiva, Wall Street Journal. ProQuest One Business. Internet Sources. Online news outlets. Indeed. Glassdoor. Good Jobs First: Violation Tracker. Other sites*.

APA citation help sites

These websites, recommended by your professor, provide examples for the most common sources and uses.